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Product and Corporate Brand Campaigns

“When people use your brand name as a verb, that is remarkable.”
Meg Whitman, billionaire politician and former President and CEO of eBay


An integrated branding campaign encompasses everything from strategy to implementation, from abstract to concrete. Whether you need AcuteVisibility to help you with one small component of your branding effort, or to develop and implement a long-term comprehensive branding campaign, we’re ready to go.

We are experienced with both corporate branding and product branding. Contract AcuteVisibility|BMO to launch it, rebrand it, manage line extensions, even longer term brand evolutions, whatever you need.

Brand Launches

Developing a comprehensive brand campaign is often an afterthought. But a strategic product or corporate launch plan can be the key to a successful launch. Be sure your branding strategy is clearly defined at the launch of your initiative. AVbmo will help ensure this and keep an eye on your branding every step of the way.



Rebranding is often a critical step in a product lifecycle. And the need for corporate rebranding comes up all the time, whether due to acquisition, reorganization, or the desire to leverage product brand power to the organization’s advantage. It’s an opportunity to redefine and refocus. But you only have one shot at doing it right. AVbmo is well-versed in the thought process and tactical considerations of rebranding both products and organizations.

Line Extensions

Leveraging a brand to extend a product line is another type of brand campaign with its own unique considerations. AVbmo offers extensive experience managing Line Extension Brand Campaigns for both packaged goods and digital properties.

Brand Evolution

Are you proactively managing your Brand Evolution? Or is your brand off on a joy ride? Don’t let your brand identities take off without parental supervision. You need to monitor and control your brand, and AcuteVisibility will help you do it intelligently, for maximum results.