Marketing Research and Plans

Integrated Marketing
Research, Strategy & Planning

“Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation."
Milan Kundera
, contemporary Czech and French writer


AcuteVisibility can help you define and implement a strategic marketing plan. We provide the research, analysis and tactical recommendations to develop targeted marketing strategy and write concise marketing plans to bring our clients’ business objectives into focus. We conduct competitive analysis, market trend analysis, product feature and pricing comparison, and industry roadmaps. We articulate the challenges, opportunities and competitive advantages so your organization can respond with speed and agility.

Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

With years of experience designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research projects, AVbmo will help you as the right questions to achieve the most useful and insightful market intelligence possible.


Competitive Analysis

Don’t let the competition catch you by surprise. Know who your direct and indirect competitors are. Understand how your brand stands up in the market landscape. And be sure to conduct regular analysis to confirm assumptions and ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. Pricing, features, standards of service, target audience and reach are all important things to know about your competition. AcuteVisibility will provide comprehensive, regular analysis, or conduct spot checks to help you keep your focus.


Product and Corporate Mapping

An aspect of Competitive Analysis, developing and maintaining a Product and/or Corporate Map will help you stay a step ahead of the market. But perhaps more important than the mapping itself is the analysis and interpretation of the data. AVbmo will help you understand where you or your product fit into the big picture, and how to use that information to make strategic business decisions.



Don’t miss out on the opportunity to glean the best information possible directly from your customers or target audience by conducting Surveys. AVbmo can help you determine what you really want to know, and how best to frame the questions to ensure maximum completion.