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Coordinated Online Campaigns

"I learned the value of hard work by working hard."
Dr. Margaret M. Fitzpatrick
, contemporary American educator and speaker

AcuteVisibility has proven success with hundreds of coordinated online campaigns integrating every possible point of contact available to communicate with a customer. Coordinated online campaigns unify all aspects of your Online Marketing mix -- Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing and Email Marketing -- with a variety of other vehicles to deliver a powerful communications platform. These vehicles include:

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Display and Banner Ads

Rich Media and Interactive Advertising

Website, Web Page or Directory Category Sponsorships

Contextual Text Links

Directory Listings

Coop Email Campaigns, Surveys and Promotions


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The idea behind a coordinated online campaign is that every point of contact with a prospective customer is a unique and powerful opportunity to build your brand, establish credibility or make a sale. The more frequently you make contact, the more likely your message will be retained. So the more points of contact, the better.

It’s more than just counting clicks (CTR) or conversions, which has been the traditional reference point in the Internet Marketing industry. Instead we have to think in terms of measuring GRP – Gross Ratings Points – the unit of measure used in TV advertising. So we're trying to measure audience reach and impressions over some period of time. Because the key here is that every encounter a consumer has with your product or company name, you are building your brand. You may not be able to directly correlate these impressions with sales, but you KNOW that these impressions factor into the decision making process.

The vast majority of search engine queries leading to conversions include a brand term. This means that consumers with an intent to buy are more likely to search by brand to find your site. But how did they become familiar with your brand in the first place? They know your brand because you have made sure that it's "in their face" at every possibly opportunity. That’s the effect of a successful coordinated online campaign.

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