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“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne
, American novelist and short story writer (1804-1864)

The AVbmo team has a way with words. We’ll “wax poetic” about your organization, product or service until the proverbial cows come home. We never run out of alliterations, clichés or illuminating similes. Moreover, we fear not the hanging preposition, inconsistent hyphenation or proliferation of InterCaps.

Original Content Development

For a new website or a significant site overhaul, we will develop original content as necessary. We’ll adapt any existing written descriptions you have for your business or product, or we can mine the knowledge base resident in your subject matter experts to start from scratch.

Some of the things we use include business plans, company profiles, product specifications documents, advertising, even resumes and fact sheets. We’ll create Glossaries, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions,) executive profiles, lead generation forms, order forms, landing pages, summaries, overviews, press releases, white papers, etc. We will develop a comprehensive corporate “story” to provide validation for your value proposition and begin to establish your brand identity.

Content Revision, Editing and Augmentation

Existing websites often can benefit from a trained editorial and strategic revision. We review your content on a number of levels:

Does it tell your whole story? Is it compelling?
Does it support your brand and value proposition?
Is it adequately search engine optimized with good keyword density throughout?
Is it well-written and error-free? Does it have a consistent "voice"?
Is there sufficient anchor text – intra-site hyperlinks – on the site?
Is the user interface friendly?
Does the navigation function properly?
Does the "sales funnel" or lead-generation process deliver good results?

Search Engine Optimization

Even well-written sites with robust content can often use the eyes of a trained SEO professional. We peruse your site carefully to ensure that every opportunity to optimize the content has been thoroughly exploited. We will implement Title Tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions and Alt Tags, or review those currently in place. We will ensure that the keywords you are focusing on are the most relevant and targeted.

AcuteVisibility will ensure those keywords are used consistently and thoroughly throughout your site copy. But we won’t let the verbiage disintegrate into mere snippets of repetitive keywords. We are expert at writing and editing search-engine-friendly content, while still remembering at the end of the day it needs to be human-friendly.