Industry Experts Predict Significant Growth in Cloud Computing arena


/// The phrase “cloud computing” has become increasingly commonplace over the last few years, and is now used by businesses and individual consumers alike. Unsurprisingly, cloud computing is earmarked as a leading arena for growth over the coming years, with experts making some interesting predictions regarding various aspects of the industry. Cloud computing is dominating the IT sector as a delivery mechanism for everything from e-commerce to entertainment, and education to communications.

Networking giant Cisco is among the industry mammoths who are a predicting giant leaps in cloud computing expansion. The Cisco Cloud Index states that by 2016, cloud servers will account for two thirds of all data center traffic. The sentiment is backed by research from IDC and Gartner, both leading analysts of the technology sector. 

According to Gartner’s Market Trends report published on October 5th of 2012, SaaS (Software as a Service) and application services based in the cloud are expected o increase from $13.4 billion in 2012 to $32.2 billion in 2016. Many industry pundits actually think that's a conservative estimate, but what's a couple of billion between friends?

Both private and public cloud server solutions are also piqued as a source of revenue growth. Research by IDC forecasts that cloud servers will contribute to a $9.4 billion global market by 2015. That seems like another conservative projection, but the rub may lie in how IDC defines cloud computing.

Currently, around one in three small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in both the UK and US still doesn’t understand what the cloud is, or how it could benefit them. Moreover, only about 25% have invested in cloud technology, according to research by AVG. But over the next few years, as awareness of the technology grows, businesses and individuals alike can expect to see more services hosted on cloud computing platforms, as cloud computing becomes the default platform. 


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